There are many places on the internet where practice and rehearsal music can be found including: John Fletcher Rehearsal Files, Choraline and Choralia.

For pieces still in copyright (for 2020: Chilcott and Poulenc), a paid subscription is required for John Fletcher (individual £10 per year, couples £15). However, this provides access to ANY music for a year.

From Choraline, you can purchase either rehearsal CDs or download files in mp3 format.

With Choralia, if you listen online (you can also download), although the voices are very robotic, there are various options including: slowing a piece down (or speeding it up), listening with a metronome, having your voice emphasised and also, if using headphones, having your part play more strongly in the right ear.

Videos (YouTube)

Haydn Nelson Mass

Poulenc Gloria

There are also many other recordings available.

Chilcott Gloria: there are very few available recordings of this work online, but for £1.95, from Hyperion Records, you can download all four tracks which make up this piece (taken from an album entitled In Winter’s Arms).

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